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Hello, my name is John Schultz, owner of EyeChaser Guide Service. I am a state of Wisconsin licensed and fully insured guide operating on the waters of Lake Wisconsin and the Wisconsin River. I grew up in the small city of Omro, Wisconsin, which is bisected by the Fox River a few miles upriver from lakes Butte des Mortes and Winnebago. Growing up along the river is where I grew my love of walleye fishing. Springs were spent fishing the river during the annual Walleye spawning run and summers were spent trolling lakes Winnebago and Butte des Mortes. Eventually college and a career took me away from the Fox Valley to the area around Madison, where I eventually discovered the fantastic walleye and sauger fishery that is Lake Wisconsin. I started fishing Lake Wisconsin in 1995 and found it to be a tough nut to crack. As I kept after it, I began to put the pieces of the puzzle together and it fast became my favorite walleye lake.

With the creation of a protected slot limit in 2002, where walleye and sauger between 20 and 28 inches must be released, the quality of the fishery has continued to improve every year since. Lake Wisconsin has now become one of the top walleye and sauger fisheries in the state of Wisconsin. I continued to fish the lake more and more, and it soon began to mirror my fishing as a child. Early spring would be spent fishing the Wisconsin River below Wisconsin Dells as soon as the ice would leave up until the fish completed their spawning. Late spring, early summer, and late fall were spent on Lake Wisconsin. As I began to take more of my friends out and teach them the ways of the walleye, moving into guiding was a natural progression. Any time I had friends or family in the boat with me, my goal was to get them on fish and teach them new techniques.

My goal, if you chose to fish with me, will be to provide you with an enjoyable day on the water. I will work hard to put you on fish using a variety of techniques. I cannot guarantee fish, but I can guarantee you that I will work tirelessly to put fish in the boat and teach you some things along the way. If you have a specific goal in mind, like learning a new technique, I will tailor the trip to fit. Depending on the time of year, we may be drifting jigs and live bait, trolling crankbaits on leadcore or behind in-line planer boards, or possibly vertical jigging plastics. Those are just a few of the techniques I use, as the fish show different preferences based upon the time of year.

I hope to be able to share a day in the boat with you and show you some of the great fishing that Lake Wisconsin can provide.

Tight Lines!

John Schultz

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